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YUAN YUE leads the Horizon Research Group, China's leading public opinion and polling organization. With 20 years of experience in marketing, social research, policy analysis, and management consulting, Yuan is dedicated to socially oriented polling work and has successfully employed polls to encourage increased NGO services for homeless people, revamp HIV/AIDS prevention programs, assist migrant workers integrate into urban communities, and improve human rights environments inside factories. Yuan also oversees annual assessments of public officials in China, at the level of mayors and governors, and, since 2006, has been leading an international effort to enhance the transparency of the Chinese government. As a strategic consultant for multinational and domestic companies and media outlets, Yuan is a widely known and respected public figure who speaks frequently on social and business trends in China.

Yuan Yue是零点研究机构负责人,他所领导的机构是中国领先的民意调查组织。基于在市场,社会研究,政策分析,管理咨询等领域的20年经验,他 致力奉献于以社会为导向的民意调查工作。曾多次成功举办了民意调查来鼓励非政府机构在无家可归人员安置,艾滋病的防治项目修整,帮助农民工融入城市环境以 及提升工厂内的人权环境等方面提供更多支持。他同时还监督中国每年市级省级官员的评估工作。从2006年起,他在加强中国政府工作透明化上做出了巨大贡 献。作为国际及国内公司和媒体机构的战略顾问, 他是一个备受关注和尊敬的公众人物,他曾多次就中国社会及商业发展趋势发表讲话。

MICHAEL NAYLOR is the co-founder of Canopy Capital, a company established in 2007 to drive capital to the rainforest canopy. Canopy Capital has created an investment template for first-movers in an emerging market for Ecosystem Services. These include rainfall generation, moderation of extreme weather, carbon storage and biodiversity maintenance. Putting a price on these services is like taking out an insurance policy to maintain our life support system and has the potential to generate billions of dollars for forest-owning nations.

Michael Naylor is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board to HRH Prince of Wales for the Princes Rainforest Project. He is a Senior Non-Executive Director of Libertas Capital plc, a London AIM Stock Exchange quoted investment bank, where he is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee. He is the co-founder of Forrester Partners, an international consultancy and advisory business focused on the environmental and clean energy investment sectors. Mr. Naylor is an advisory board member of the American Council of Renewable Energy, a not for profit (501.3c) organization based in Washington DC, where he is Chairman of the CEO Council. Additionally Mr. Naylor is a member of the prestigious International Advisory Board of SOAS at The University London. Mr. Naylor is a trusted adviser to some of the world's leading Chief Executives and Chairmen in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors, and consults widely in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Michael Naylor 是Canopy Capital 的创办人之一。该公司成立于2007年,其目的在于向雨林输入资金。Canopy Capital 为率先进军生态系统服务的人创建了一个投资模板,包括制造降雨,调节极端天气,碳储存和生物多样性维持。为这些服务标价犹如拥有一个保险策略来维持我们的 生命支持系统,这也有为拥有森林的国家产生亿万美元收入的潜能。

Naylor 先生同时也是威尔士王子殿下王子雨林项目顾问团主席。Libertas Capital plc 是一家在伦敦AIM股票交易所上市的投资公司。在该公司里,作为资深的非行政主管,他担任了薪酬委员会主席一职。他与他人共同创建了Forrester Partners,这是一个着重于环境和清洁能源投资领域的国际咨询和顾问企业。美国清洁能源委员会是一个位于华盛顿的非营利性机构,他是顾问团成员和行 政长官委员会主席。Naylor先生还是享有盛名的伦敦大学亚非学院国际顾问团成员。 对世界上许多在可再生能源和可持续领域的顶尖主管和主席而言,Naylor先生是一位值得信赖的顾问。他在欧洲,北美,中东和亚洲广泛开展咨询活动。

MR. MARCELLO PALAZZI is an economist, entrepreneur and engineer of for-profit and not-for-profit ventures that integrate private and public interests. 20 years experience leading 120 projects in 30 countries. Working at the cross section of government, enterprise, philanthropy, civil society and academia. 3 degrees following studies in economics, international relations and business administration from LSE, LBS, Buckingham, MIT and Erasmus. Board member, Tällberg Foundation, Sweden.,

Palazzi先生作为经济学家,企业家,工程师服务于整合公私利益的盈利性和非盈利性部门。20年时间里,他在30个国家主持了 120个项目。工作在政 府,企业,慈善,社会和学术界的交叉结合处。手持从LSE, LBS, Buckingham, MIT和Erasmus获得的经济,国际关系和商业管理的三个学位。瑞典Tällberg基金会董事成员。,

STEPHEN BARNES is a visiting Law Professor at the China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing). He has been teaching law as well as advising law schools, NGOs and legal clinics since his arrival in Harbin in 2005. He is currently working on the Barnes Green Book project. This on-line resource will incorporate environmental themes to teach legal English to China's 400,000 law students and 120,000 lawyers.

Stephen Barnes是中国政法大学(北京)是访问教授。自从他2005年到哈尔滨以来,他在教授法律的同时指导法学院,非政府组织以及法律事务所。目前他正开展 一个名为Barnes Green Book的项目。这个网络资源库旨在向中国40,0000法律专业学生和120,000律师教授法律英语时融入环境题材。

LO SUI KEI is a member of the Senior Professor Association of China, Deputy Chairman of the Forestry Committee of Senior Professor Association of China, Senior member of Chinese Society of Forestry, Deputy Chairman of Beijing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. Founder of Hong Kong TSE Co. (1980), Beijing TSMT Co. (1994), and Beijing Dr. Lin Forestry Development Co. (2002). Currently, he is the CEO and manager of these three companies.

Mr. Luo, a graduate of Beijing Forestry University, was once a teacher for 19 years. Being a teacher, he set himself an example to others and cultivated a number of outstanding people. Then, he gave up teaching and engaged himself in business. He deeply believed in Confucius moral traditions, doing business honestly and legally. As years passed by, his company has made great progress, which has been consecutively awarded "the Trustworthy Company" by the Beijing Municipal Government. In 2005, he was awarded the "the Top Ten Innovative Person of Business in China" His company has established cooperation with Freudenberg from Germany, which belong to the top-100 enterprises in the world, and was awarded the best partner. He has excellent credibility among his business peers. Apart from his successful business, he also provides financial and service support to the public service and environmental protection. By adopting the operation and management model of private companies, he has been carrying out comprehensive desert management for over 8 years in Inner Mongolia. He is now seeing real economic and social benefits after having secured the sustainable development of the environment.



罗先生毕业于北京林学院(现为北京林业大学)。大学毕业从教19年,为人师表,以身作则,教书育人。后环境变迁,从业经商,亦遵守儒家 道德传统,诚信、守 法经营。公司逐年有所进步发展,连年得到北京市政府授予诚信企业称号。2005年被评为"中国经济十大创新人物"。与德国百强大企业科德宝 (Freudenberg) 集团公司合作,亦被授予最佳合作伙伴称号。在同行业中信誉卓著。经商略有所成,对公益和环保事业,亦热心出钱出力,通过私人企业运营和管理模式,在内蒙古 实施沙地综合治理已八年有余,在保证生态效益的前提下,获得经济效益和社会效益,实现沙漠绿洲的可持续发展。

JOHN DENNIS LIU is an American who has lived in China since 1979. Mr. Liu helped to open the CBS News Beijing Bureau, at the time of normalization of relations between the U.S. and China. Since the mid-1990's, Mr. Liu has concentrated on ecological film making and has written, produced and directed films on grasslands, deserts, wetlands, oceans, rivers, urban development, atmosphere, forests, endangered animals and other topics primarily for Earth Report and LIFE on the BBC World. In 2003, Mr. Liu wrote, produced and directed Jane Goodall - China Diary for National Geographic.

Since 1997, Mr. Liu has directed the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP) which uses television to deliver ecological, sustainable development and public health messages in China and other countries.

In recent years "Earth's Hope" has become a large part of Mr. Liu's work. The "Earth's Hope" project is communicating knowledge being gained through restoration of degraded ecosystems in China. In recognition of his efforts to communicate the science of rehabilitation, Mr. Liu was named the Rothamsted International Fellow for the Communication of Science by the Rothamsted Research Institute of the UK.

John Dennis Liu, 美国人,从1979年起在华居住。在中美邦交正常化期间,刘先生曾协助开办哥伦比亚广播公司北京办公室。从1995年起,刘先生就致力于关于生态的影视制 作,为BBC地球报告和生命两档栏目创作、制作并导演了有关草地、沙漠、湿地、海洋、河流、农村发展,空气、森林、濒危动物和其他题材的节目。 2003年,刘先生为国家地理频道创作、制作并导演了珍古德---中国日记。


近几年,"地球的希望"已经成为了刘先生主要工作。 "地球的希望"致力于交流在修复中国日益破损的生态环境的过程中获得的知识、经验。为感谢对他在地球重建领域所作出的功绩,英国Rothamsted研究 机构特授予刘先生Rothamsted科学交流国际干事荣誉称号。

JING SU is committed to promoting sustainability in Asia. She is currently the China Program Associate of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE). ACORE focuses on trade, finance and policy to promote all forms of renewable energy options by convening industry leadership, publishing collaborative research, and facilitating communications amongst members, stakeholders and the media. Jing's passion is to bridge the gap between China and the international community on environmental ideologies and practices. Jing is a graduate of the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

苏静致力于推动亚洲的可持续性。目前她是美国可再生能源协会(ACORE)中国项目主任。 ACORE侧重于贸易,财经和政策领域。通过汇合工业界的领导力,出版合作研究成果,以及促进成员间,利益相关方和媒体间的沟通来宣传各种可再生能源。毕 业于耶鲁大学森林与环境研究学院的她追求缩短中国和国际社会在环境理念和实践上的差距。

ZHAO XIANGYU (Shane) comes from a city called Qitaihe in Heilongjiang, the most northern province of China. After he graduated from Nankai High School in Tianjin in 2006, he traveled in China to know more about his country and its environmental problems. After seeing this, he and his 'Green Brother' John decided to start China's Green Beat together. China Green Beat is a video podcast on China's environmental issues and solutions.

Their podcast is created to communicate the gravity of the environmental problems and the nature of current solutions to those problems. They hope provide a window for citizens, both Chinese and global, to see visually what is going on now and create a fruitful discussion about how China can become cleaner and greener. They hope to create "China's Green Beat".

Zhao Xiangyu来自中国最北端的省份黑龙江的七台河。于2006年从天津南开高中毕业后,他游览中国以更多了解他的国家及其环境问题。此后,他和他的"绿 色兄弟"John决定一同启动中国绿色脉搏。中国绿色脉搏是一个关于中国环境问题和解决方案的录像播客。他们制作播客来传递环境问题的严重性以及目前这些 问题解决方案的属性。他们希望给中国及世界其它民众提供一扇窗口以直观地认知现况。同时就中国如何变得更干净更绿的问题营造富有成效的讨论。他们希望创造 "中国绿色脉搏"。

LAURA ALEX FREY-LEVINE, a native of Lexington, Ky, USA, is a 2008 Master of Environmental Science degree candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies. She holds a degree in Geology from Smith College. Laura's work is in reconceptualizing broadly sourced holistic theories of sustainability, drawing on both the sciences and the arts in an intentionally interdisciplinary process. She is currently producing a film that examines the intersections between agrarian economies and systems of international trade and labor migration in the village of Santo Tomas, Honduras.

生长在美国的Lexington, Ky 的Laura Alex Frey-Levine 是耶鲁大学森林与环境研究学院2008级环境科学硕士。她拥有Smith 学院地质学学位。可持续性整体论来源宽泛。通过有意识的跨学科方式吸取科学和艺术元素,Laura从事该学说的理论再构建。她目前正在制作一个影片来审视 农业经济和国际交易的交叉状况以及洪都拉斯Santo Tomas 的一个村庄的劳动力迁移。

FENGLEI MA is a Junior Student in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering in Tsinghua University. She is the Vice President of the Student Green Association, one of the best student environmental protection associations in China.

Fenglei Ma 是清华大学环境科学与工程系大三学生.担任中国最出色的学生环保团体之一的"学生绿色协会"副主席。

LEON CHEN was born in Sichuan Province and spent 9 years there. He moved to study in England and is now studying Engineering at Oxford University. He represented the UK at the EU young scientist competition in Stockholm 2007, chosen from 30,000 contestants. He is a fellow of Startingbloc and is on the board organising the London institute ( He has worked in enterprise for a number of years in which he worked for Peter Jones (of Dragons' Den), China Consulting and Teach First in London. In 2007 Leon helped create Career Gateways (, now a free national student paper distributing 40, 000 fortnightly. Leon is looking forward to support the heroic recovery efforts taking place in Sichuan at the moment and hopes to gain further work experience in China.

Leon Chen出生于四川省并在那度过了9年的时光.随后赴英国学习,现就于牛津大学攻读工程学。从3,0000名竞争者中脱颖而出,他被选中代表英国参加 2007年在斯德哥尔摩举办的欧盟青年科学家竞赛。 他是一位Startingbloc( 成员并且是该组织伦敦方面委员会成员。在商界工作多年期间,他先后就职于伦敦的Peter Jones, China Consulting 和Teach First。2007年他帮助创建Career Gateways (, 这是一个每两周发行40,000份的全国性的学生报纸。他希望支持目前在四川开展的浩大的灾后重建活动并进一步获得在中国的工作经验。