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Sophia A. Trapp, with a professional background in innovative project development, management, ecological economics and environmental architecture, brings her expertise and network to starting companies and investment projects for private and corporate clients who believe that business need not be in conflict with the environment.

Sophia develops venture investment opportunities that balance Nature’s needs and ours, and guides project development toward ethical and reliable communication between different peoples. For more than 12 years, she ran her London-based consulting business, specializing in master-planning, ecology and sustainable development of large land projects in England, Spain, Austria, China, Mongolia, Argentina, Mexico and Guatemala.

Sophia currently serves on the boards of the International Fund for China’s Environment and the PUNA Argentina Foundation, and has been an active participant in the global discussion on sustainable development, renewable energy and new technologies since 1998.

Sophia has been listed in the ‘Who’s Who of Britain’s Young Entrepreneurs’ since 2000 and has a Masters Diploma in Environmental Design from Inchbald School of Design and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture with a focus in Environment and Development from Greenwich University.


Richard J. Marks brings his extensive experience in world-class film, television and event production to companies and organizations moving into sustainable practices, renewable energy, and environmental cooperation. As a producer, content provider, and communications strategist, he synthesizes content and produces films that communicate clear and vivid messages to the public. Richard has produced successful communications strategies and videos for multi-national corporations, non-profit organizations, and venture investment projects. Richard works hand in hand with companies to create messages and social marketing tools that support positive solutions and a bright future.

Richard's prior professional work includes writing and supervising the pilot episodes and promotional materials for "Building Green" -- a 13-part public television series that aired on 8o% of the PBS stations nationwide in 2007, showing how viewers can build their homes with environmentally sensitive techniques and materials. Prior to that, Richard was a Creative VP for National Geographic Feature Films, which produces motion pictures and long form TV dramas that highlight adventure and discovery. Richard has worked in large budget feature film production for all of the major studios, including Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Castle Rock Pictures. While a journalist and assignment editor at CNN, he was awarded a Cable Ace Award for “outstanding contribution” to the award-winning productions on which he worked.


Jing Su, a graduate student of Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, has undertaken to help the environment of China and the world through advanced study of environmental law & policy. She is committed to applying her talents to promoting sustainability in Asia. Jing's passion is to create real dialogues among young leaders that bridge the gap between China and the international community on environmental ideologies and practices.