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This forum is about communication - between East and West, cross-culturally, and with our environment. It is as much about people as it is about the air we breathe and the energy we need. This Forum offers a way of receiving opportunities on all levels … social, environmental, economic and personal. It's time to break down our barriers to better understanding of visions for sensible, immediate and profitable opportunities in China that will create a positive impact – and perhaps new business paradigms – for China's environment.

The International Earth Forum is designed to balance learning with active participation. We want to dig deep into ourselves to define what is good for China’s environment, and to finish the weekend with people sharing what they learned. That's a valuable asset to others - to complete our thoughts and express new understanding.

Each person invited to participate in the Forum is a doer, a leader in his or her own right, a connector, an artist and entrepreneur -- seeking opportunities for our global future. It is high time we come together and know each other!

New paradigms for connecting people, business and environment are needed, we feel this is the right moment when visionary leaders – from senior people in their fields to younger leadership voices – will be attracted to coming together.

Academic and business guests certainly need to speak and educate, and we will create dignified ways to make networking fun and creative.

We will explore Environment, Economics, and Opportunities. Every subject will explore the language of sustainability and the meaning of our words.

We have organized an agenda that we hope is of deep interest and is at the same time offers useful and practical opportunities in the real world. We want this to be a beautiful, exploratory forum that is supposed to be for everyone, including you!