Productions 1000: Energy, Environment, Sustainability - Strategies, Communications, and Media


Since 2005, Productions 1000 has created strategic communications and branded content for a range of energy, environment and sustainability initiatives. Our prestigious partners, affiliates, clients and design teams have successfully led the way forward with courageous new ideas. Our motto “making business and the environment sound and profitable partners” becomes tangible at the moment when companies and organizations need to re-think, re-shape, re-brand, re-tool and re-act. 

We call this work “preparing for PR” - getting our editorial hands dirty and our creative minds engaged.

Our clients and partnership initiatives have ranged from global finance, business and decision-making government agencies, to forward-thinking entrepreneurs, non-profit foundations, and internationally recognized media campaigns. 

Our fundamental goal: in becoming an integral part of a company’s effort to fundamentally shift people's mindsets through business, we participate as collective drivers of change.

With the advent of sustainability and diverse energy choices moving at a remarkable rate over the last decade, companies and organizations are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Many innovative companies are already profiting and gaining decisive competitive advantages by working in the vanguard of new business models. By overturning long-held assumptions, businesses can better satisfy their customers’ needs, increase profits, and help solve environmental problems all at the same time.




In this publication "Levering Ecosystems: A Business-Focused Perspective on How Debt Supports Investments in Ecosystem Services" released by Credit Suisse (April 2016), business-world objectives are matched to ecosystem services and related markets. Food, water, energy, air quality, forestry, and tourism sectors are featured markets. The finance community calls it "conservation finance." The single requirement for success across the board is, quite simply stated, international collaboration to increase the value of ecosystem services.

As the report's Senior Editorial Advisor, Richard J. Marks is privileged to help the labors of an immensely talented global team of authors, contributors, and researchers (p. 27). The primary authors at Credit Suisse, Climate Bonds Initiative, and Clarmondial collaborated with a small army of partners committed to sustainability and conservation. This constellation effort expresses new thinking about how finance institutions, project developers, environmental experts and communicators can work together.


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